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The New Year’s Eve–Proof Face

People like Miranda Kerr are best friends with an all-star makeup artist. But the rest of us are left to roam the shelves of Sephora and fend for ourselves against a barrage of things that offer prettiness, shiny packages, and overly attentive sales associates. Especially around New Year’s Eve, which is just a few days away, though there’s still enough time to pick out that sparkly, I’ll-only-wear-this-once dress and prepare your makeup arsenal. The night’s face challenges are many: hours-long, sweat-inducing dance-offs; multiple sips from a Champagne glass; Instagram photo shoots;  and that fateful kiss at midnight.

So, to help you prepare for this party-rocking night, we asked five makeup artists for their tips and tricks. Read on to hear from editorial artists like Lisa Story (clients include Amber Valletta and Karen Elson), Kate Lee (Anne Hathaway’s go-to), Tracy Murphy (Jennifer Connelly, Rashida Jones), Molly Stern (Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Williams), and Laura Mercier Color Consultant Matin Maulawizada.

The Skin:

Lisa Story: “Prepare the skin with Laura Mercier Primer Radiance to give foundation staying power and create the ultimate glow.”

Kate Lee: “Prepping the skin will help foundation stay in place. I start with very clean skin, use a hydrating serum such as Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum to deliver a bursting moisture then seal it in by using an oil-free primer like Laura Mercier oil-free primer.”

The Foundation:

Matin Maulawizada: “Foundation should be applied super light and sheer, only to even out the tone, not to cover flaws. Then cover any visible imperfections with Laura Mercier’s Camouflage concealer. Fix everything with loose translucent powder applied using a velour powder puff. This will set the base of your makeup for as long as you have it on. And it doesn’t look like a mask.”

Tracy Murphy: “I love KohGenGo Maifanshi Moisture Foundation. I would suggest mixing in a little MAC Strobe Cream with it to give you an all-night glow.  Your skin literally beams.”

The Eyes:

Molly Stern: “I really love the Glam Aqua Luxe Liner Colleciton from NYX — metallic eyeliners that add a subtle twinkle to the eye and last the whole night.”

TM: “There is a time and a place for waterproof mascara. NYE is just that perfect time and place. I like Lash Discovery and Volum’Express the Falsies, both by Maybelline. However, if you have an aversion to waterproof mascara, I am a huge fan of Anastasia’s Lash Genius. It waterproofs any mascara, so you can wear your favorite mascara then seal it with this.” 

LS: “To create a fun cat eye with durability I love MAC Chromaline.”

MM: “I think a dark smoky eye with lots of liner inside and blended around the eye, then set with a powder shadow will last. As it disintegrates, it can look sexier.”

Kate Lee:If you are trying to maintain a fresh look, less is definitely more as far as your lids are concerned. I’d go for a smart kohl-rimmed eye with a waterproof mascara. Maybe a few individual false lashes.”

The Lips:

TM: “Always keep lips soft to avoid dry skin in winter. I like Aquaphor. Make sure that the skin around the mouth is sufficiently concealed with foundation if needed, as you want the lips to be the star of the show. Remove any excess lip balm or foundation with a Q-tip. Get a good retractable lip brush, saturate the brush with lipstick, and take your time to draw on your mouth. The biggest mistake I see with most women is that they do not maximize their lip ‘real estate; and are missing out on their full lip potential.  Once you get the lip shape perfect, blot and reapply. I absolutely adore the Lipstick Queen’s line.”

MS: “For a long-wearing, bold New Year’s Eve lip, I’m super into Hourglass Cosmetic’s Opaque Rouge Liquid lipstick. The color really sticks on the lips without drying them out, perfect for soft lips at midnight.”

LS: “MAC Mattene lipsticks are great for longevity. They’re moisturizing, yet with a matte finish from brights to a peachy natural.”

MM: “I like to line the lips, then blend the liner, apply lipstick, blot it with tissue, and powder it. This will last long without killing your lips.”

The Glitter Factor:

KL:Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Luminous Eyeshadow has a great glittery shimmery effect, but is designed to stay where you put it rather than using another product to adhere a loose product.”

MM: “On the eyes, you have to be careful in applying it. Best to apply with fingers on the eyes and over a cream eye shadow.”

For the Clutch:

TM: “Breath mints (hello, midnight!), hand mirror, retractable lip brush for perfect application, a mini-palette handy with a swipe of lipstick and concealer for touch-ups. I always have mini-versions of the following (it’s the Girl Scout in me): eye drops, lip brush, eyelash glue, lip balm, toothpicks, Q-tips.

MM:Blotting papers, translucent powder, Camouflage, lip color, and balm.”

KL: “Everything I need to maintain and fix the makeup I’m wearing, which are Q-tips, tissue, blotting papers, lip balm, and a small translucent powder compact.”