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One Woman, Two Cities: Beauty on Both Coasts

Photo: Steven Simko

Kristie Streicher has her own personal brow bar set up in L.A.’s Warren Tricomi salon, but she also zips out to the East Coast every six weeks to maintain her New York client base. “In L.A., people don’t care as much and they don’t notice,” she tells the Cut of her beauty routine at home. “In New York, I see so many women walking around without a stitch of makeup and they look so beautiful, so I think it inspires me to do so, too.” In other words, she changes up her face depending on her location, whether it’s the hikes and runs in Bel Air that keep her naturally bronzed or her need to fake the California sun when in Manhattan. Read below to see how she adjusts her regimen accordingly.


Face: “I always feel a little more tired here because, in L.A., with a little bit more sun, I don’t need as much makeup. Also, people know I live in California so I feel like I have to have that bronzy-glow. I put on Cle de Peau concealer, Chanel’s bronzer with luminescence all over my face and neck, lots of de-puffing eye cream because I’m too busy to sleep, Mary Kay mascara, and then just gloss on the lips. Less is more when you’re feeling tired.”

Hair: “I find my hair is much softer and way easier to maintain, [thanks to] the water. I only have to wash it every few days. In L.A., it gets so tangled that I can’t even get a brush through, but I don’t even need conditioner in New York. When I do wash my hair, I’ll use Davines Love Shampoo and Soekoro Quench Daily Conditioner.”

Body: “I’m always bronzed in New York. St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Mit is hands down the best self-tanner on the planet. It delivers great color and is easy to apply correctly.”

Nails: “I always go to Sakura for nails, because they are always on top of the best art. I should do more nail art in L.A., to inspire others to do more nail art too.”


Face: “One must, for the winters in L.A., where it’s desert dry, is Inventive Organics Anti-Aging Hyaluronic serum. It’s like a huge water reservoir for your skin! For makeup, I find that I have more fun with it and may wear a little more. Perhaps it’s because I give myself a little more time in the morning. I use Stila Lip & Cheek stain in Cherry Crush, Stila waterproof Eye Crayon in Smoke just smudged imperfectly on the top lid, and Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara.”

Hair: “In L.A., I have to use a styling product like Paul Mitchell’s Sculpting Foam. It has the perfect amount of oil that allows me to air dry my hair without it looking like tangled spaghetti.”

Nails: “I’ll just stick to gel polish in a single shade of nude or burgundy that I’ll do myself. I love nude, clean nails when you work with your hands because it’s nice to have clean-looking hands.”