The Original Playboy Bunnies, Then and Now


Hugh Hefner opened his first Playboy club in Chicago in 1960, starting a revolution for women who were legitimately proud to work there. Known as the ultimate gentlemen’s retreat, key-holding patrons stalked the clubs as they were waited on by countless beautiful ladies. Now, of course, the clubs — and the entire Playboy empire — feels dated. In fact, it’s just headed overseas: Playboy has plans to open its first club in India this month, with projections to expand to over 120 locations in the coming decades.

But it’s far more interesting to think about who these original bunnies were  — and who they are now. So the Cut tracked down fifteen former cocktail waitresses, asked for photos then and now, and found out what they’re up to these days. Comprised of makeup artists, authors, actresses, sound producers, and interior designers, these are the iconic women who carried out Hugh Hefner’s famous vision.