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Places You Can Wear Katy Perry’s New Fake Lashes

Photo: Getty Images, Courtesy Photo

It’s not easy to sing like she does, or to switch out boy toys hair colors like she does, but now thanks to her latest collection of false lashes with Eylure, you can bat your lashes like Katy Perry. Available at Claire’s in individuals or strips, the Color Pop Lashes — her second collection with the brand — were designed by the singer to show off her love for bright color. The soft natural fibers are black, accented with peacock hues in alternating lashes in purple, green, and blue. Each color, though, is actually just subtly noticeable; many onlookers may not even notice, but you definitely don’t need eye shadow. A good thing, because these lashes aren’t for the shy; in fact, they’re thick enough to look like tiny eye shelves. Dramatic and borderline anime-ish, they’re not really meant for work. But here’s where one intrepid member of the Cut might wear them next:

The Met Gala, far away from Anna.

Harajuku, along with Gwen Stefani.

For an interview with Don Draper.

At a dim bar, drinking whiskey and batting these things.

At a candlelit dinner that’s kind of dark. Or very dark.

At a Twilight convention as the perfect vampire, like K.Stew.

For a sex party with a tarantula.

For a sex party with arachnophobes.

For a sex party with people who have Japanese-schoolgirl fetishes.

In the event that you’re a sexy spy secretary.