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Lunchtime Beauty Q&A: Do Perfume Oils and Solids Last Longer Than Sprays?

Photo: Ineke Perfumes

Q: To get the longest-wearing fragrance, should I choose a solid or oil over an eau de cologne or parfum?

A: “Perfume oils and balms tend to be more concentrated than alcohol-based liquids, and they don’t evaporate and fade away as rapidly,” says Ineke Ruhland, the founder of San Francisco–based Ineke Perfumes. “A spray diffuses the fragrance into the air and over a larger surface area of your body, while a slightly stronger oil-based scent stays close to the skin so it’s more discreet.” By choosing one of these, you’ll also have more control over the exact placement and how much you apply. But Ruhland suggests layering a small amount of both: “After you’ve dabbed an oil or balm on your pulse points, spritz on an eau de cologne in the same scent.” Or keep a portable roller-ball or solid in your purse to touch up before an evening event or a much-needed lunch break.

Q&A: Do Perfume Oils Last Longer Than Sprays?