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Salma Hayek’s New Lip Quad Is Awkward

Photo: Joseph Freylack

Made for Hayek’s beauty line, Nuance, it seems like it’s ergonomically designed to fit into the palm of your hand. Shaped like a tulip bud, it’s smooth, curvy, and, if it took batteries, could easily be a sex toy. But open up one “petal” at a time — try to open two and you might break the thing —  and inside you’ll find four little pots of gooey lipstick and a mini lip brush. Warm and cool Lip Quad colors are available, but none of the petals are labeled on the outside, so you’ll have to open them all up until you find the right shade. It’s meant to create less clutter in your bag, but have you tried fitting one of these in your Gucci clutches, Salma?

Photo: Courtesy Photo