Raf Simons Says Christian Dior Wouldn’t Have Liked Galliano’s Work


Last month, Simons told Vogue Australia: “I have so much respect for John [Galliano]’s technical skill and the fantasy, it’s just something that I don’t find relevant now, especially when it restricts a woman, because in every other area they have so much freedom.” And he takes it further in British Vogue’s January issue, claiming Christian Dior himself wouldn’t have been happy with Galliano’s work: “Dior’s ultimate obsession is that he wanted [the public] to wear it. I want them to wear it on the street … If it doesn’t relate to the outside, then it would be very theatrical for me.” Simons hopes to create “a code” for the brand, saying he can’t recognize the Dior woman, whereas, “The Chanel woman? I don’t even need to see, I smell her from round the corner.” Eh, you might want to double-check that.

Simons: Dior Wouldn’t Have Liked Galliano’s Work