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It’s Someone’s Job to Wash Candice Swanepoel’s Butt

Photo: NPB/

We always wondered how Angels keep their butts sand-free. Recent paparazzi photos of Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel on a photo shoot in St. Barts reveal that photo departments employ the use of professional butt-washers. TMZ is a little indignant (or jealous), but even the occasional beachgoer can appreciate the labor force required to keep a person looking even camera-phone-ready while the elements collude to make you look like an extra from Waterworld. Yeah, you’d need a butt-washer. You’d probably also need someone to keep the sand from sticking to your pedicure, and a stray bikini-line-tweezer. Someone to tell you when the saltwater makes your lips get all dried-out and white at the corners. Under-boob sunscreen-applier. Nipple lookout. In this economy, it’s just nice to know they haven’t all been laid off and replaced by Photoshop. And it looks like a pretty sweet gig. Who wouldn’t like to show up to work in such a caftan?

It’s Someone’s Job to Wash Models’ Butts