International Street Style: In Paris, Effortless Chic Lives On

Photo: Julien Babigeon

We’re all familiar with what French fashion looks like if you slink around the Tuileries mid-February or September, during Fashion Week. But what about the rest of the year, when you’re roaming side streets and less touristic neighborhoods? Hate to break it to you, but even then, even there, Parisians still look insanely chic. Be it a pair of perfectly hemmed pants, an impeccably tailored circle skirt, or an insane-seeming naval cap perched just so, there is no end to the insouciant-yet-understated dressing habits of locals, with plenty of women dressing like the boys. Click through our slideshow to see stylish overalls, on-trend oxfords, even an American flag bandana used as a smart accessory. This is advanced style that has nothing to do with age.

Street Style: In Paris, Effortless Chic Lives On