Tom Cruise’s Post-Divorce Debut: Polka Dots!

Tom Cruise in London.
Tom Cruise in London. Photo: Corbis

Unlike Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise practically vanished off the face of the earth (or literally, for all we know) after their much-publicized divorce in July. He came out of hiding for the first time last night to attend the world premiere of his new movie, Jack Reacher, in London. And being Tom Cruise, he didn’t half-ass his return to the red carpet; instead, he dove right in with a polka-dot shirt and velvet blazer, both by Gucci and currently on sale! The only disappointing thing about this outfit is that Tom didn’t go for the matching polka-dot trousers  — also 30 percent off.

Hey girl, he’s back. Photo: Corbis

Notably, Cruise is no longer working with his former stylist, Jeanne Yang, who clearly sided with Katie in the divorce (Cruise introduced them back in the day). In other words, these are no ordinary polka dots: They signify independence, freedom, and perhaps a tinge of endearing sorrow — “hey, girl” polka dots, if you will. Ladies, he’s back.

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