Twenty Sparkled, Shiny, Sequined New Year’s Items


Okay team, it’s the 27th. That means we’re in the holiday home stretch and New Year’s Eve is on the horizon. It’s time to focus. Not on our evening plans, or whom we’ll potentially make out with kiss at midnight, but on our outfits. We’ve all complained about how New Year’s never lives up to the hype, and the remedy is sparkle. Too much sparkle. More glitter, more sequins. Tiny metallic light-reflecting discs that bounce copious amounts of dappled brightness across the room just make everything better. Maybe it won’t be the time of our lives. Maybe we won’t fall in love at midnight, and we’ll probably break our resolutions. But who cares when we look like the firework Katy Perry told us we are? In the slideshow, twenty items that should get the job done. We’re not saying to wear all of them at once, but we’re not not saying that either.

Twenty Sparkled, Sequined New Year’s Items