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Video: The Stars of 2012’s Editorials Prepare for the Fashion Apocalypse

Even if you don’t think the world is ending Friday, it’s fun to think about how you might spend (and literally spend) the end of days. But how might the supermodels, celebrities, and other stars who’ve graced the pages of fashion magazines this year handle the Mayan Apocalypse? The Cut commissioned comedian Meghan O’Neill (who gave a voice to the J.Crew catalogue for her J.Crew Crew series earlier this year) to imagine how the faces of 2012’s most avant-garde editorials would work with one another to drum up a plan to keep their beautiful species alive. Watch and laugh as models dressed like animals plan to build an ark, right before Karlie Kloss suggests an end-times dance party. We’ll see you there.

Video: Preparing for the Fashion Apocalypse