In Which Prada Upgrades the Hanes T-Shirt

Photo: Courtesy of Prada

Over the past few seasons of fashion month, the illustrations by Richard Haines — both for the New York Times ­and his own blog — have captured editors, models, and other artists (photographers, mostly) in loose strokes that manage to be both abstract and completely telling of his subjects’ personal styles. And just as Haines’s work has become an integral, aesthetically pleasing distraction amid all the chaos of the runway shoes, his sketches are now becoming a part of capital-f Fashion. Today, following the success of a limited-edition book Haines worked on with Prada, the Italian house announced it will use his artwork for a line of six T-shirts, images of which the fashion brand shared exclusively with the Cut in the slideshow below. They will be sold in Milan, New York, London, Paris, and Hong Kong boutiques for $270, and keep this in mind: Miuccia probably just chose him for the clever Haines/Hanes play-on-word opportunities. (It worked.)

[Editor’s Note: If you click through this gallery really fast, it basically becomes a GIF.]