The Good, the Bad, and the Awkward: 27 Memorable Girls Style Moments

Photo: HBO

This Sunday marks the premiere of the second season of the love-it-or-hate-it HBO semi-comedy Girls. (Full disclosure: We hated it until Shoshanna accidentally smoked crack, but now we’re all in.) And while we’re worried about poor recently run-over Adam and recently misguidedly married Jessa, we’re really looking forward to being reunited with the clothes. Will Hannah ever wear something that fits? Will Marnie stop resorting to Ann Taylor? Will Jessa invest in a mirror? And more important, do we ever actually want them to? The crazy wardrobe was practically its own delightful character. So, as we salivate over the sartorial madness to come, here’s a guide to the craziest style moments from season one, which costume designer Jenn Rogien used to put a stamp on each girl from Girls, ensuring that they were just as uneven and occasionally messy on the outside as they were inside their heads.

27 Girls Style Moments: Good, Bad, and Awkward