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French Person Brigitte Bardot Would Also Like to Move to Russia

Photo: Corbis, Getty Images

Bardot might follow Gerard Depardieu to Sochi, but not because she disagrees with France’s plans to raise income taxes on the wealthy; instead, she’s angry that President François Hollande is ignoring her requests to save a pair of sick elephants from being euthanized, the Post reports. Baby and Nepal, both 42 years old and retired from Cirque Pinder, currently live in a Lyon zoo where they were diagnosed last month with tuberculosis — which can be transmitted from elephants to humans. But their former circus director offered to care for them (he’s going to want a multivitamin), and there’s an online petition with more than 83,000 signatures asking for Baby and Nepal’s lives to be spared.

In the meantime, Bardot is paixing out. From the Times:

In an interview with the newspaper Nice-Matin published Saturday, she … praised Mr. Putin, in her case for his “humanity” and concern for the welfare of animals.

France, she said, had become “nothing more than an animal cemetery.”

While Russia is ONLY a land of PUPPIES!

Bardot Would Also Like to Move to Russia