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Best Bet: Nomaterra Fragrances

Photo: Courtesy of NOMATERRA

The founder of Nomaterra Fragrances, Agnieszka Burnett, got her start in the beauty world as an assistant at Glamour Magazine. Four years later and she’s now whipping up small-batch fragrances inspired by her many trips around the world, with the first three (Miami, East Hampton, Washington, D.C) dedicated to early childhood vacations in the United States. The mini aluminum bottles are built to withstand any travel-induced roughness. Each is refillable and comes packaged with its own replacement. The single-use wipes, available in February in sets of twelve, are also great for tossing into makeup bags or a carry-on, especially when you’re just off a plane.

Nomaterra Fragrance bottles, $110 eachNomaterra Fragrance wipes, $36 for packs of 12

Photo: Alev Takil
Best Bet: Nomaterra Fragrances