Inspiring Images: The Bright, Young, Roaring Twenties

Photo: Garreau Designs/Corbis

We only wish we could have experienced the thrash of fringe on the dance floor and the new freedom women found in flapper fashion that mainstreamed in the roaring twenties. It was the first time that fashion actually allowed for women to really move, the better to throw it down at the jazz club, knocking knees doing the Charleston or foxtrottting to glitzy Cole Porter tunes. It was also a period of extreme decadence between World Wars, one documented by Cecil Beaton, satirized by Evelyn Waugh, and portrayed by Hollywood’s gauzy celluloid film. As the third season of Downton Abbey (premiering this Sunday) leads into this era, and as we prepare for Baz Luhrmann’s treatment of The Great Gatsby later this spring, we’ve indulged our senses by collecting all that is art deco, fringed, or slinky, for you to kick off your weekend early. One thing’s for sure, there’s nothing innocent about these images.

Inspiring Images: Bright Roaring Twenties