Claire Danes and President Obama Compared Job Performances

Photo: Corbis

Who is better at their job: Claire Danes, the star of Homeland, or Barack Obama, president of the United States? That was the topic of conversation when Danes and husband Hugh Dancy introduced themselves to Obama, a known Homeland fan, at the White House Correspondent’s dinner.

Danes told Elle:

“Hugh was like, ‘We have to meet Obama,’ and we walked over before we could think and found ourselves shaking hands with him. Hugh realized that he’d forgotten to actually properly introduce himself, and he [President Obama] was like, ‘And you are?’ And Hugh was like, ‘I’m sorry, Mr. President.’ I said, ‘I’m Claire Danes,’ and he said, ‘Oh, you’re a fine actress.’ And I said, ‘You’re a fine president!’ And he said, ‘Oh, you’re a finer actress than I am president.’ I didn’t have any retort. Hugh and I went immediately to the bar and had a big shot of vodka.”

Not saying Claire Danes can’t cry her face off, but this exchange leaves us a little worried about the president’s self-esteem. Sure, Danes’s pretend terrorist-chasing has earned her a couple of Emmys, but President Obama’s … something … won him a Nobel Peace Prize. Or at least call it a tie; both made Time’s World’s Most Influential People list.

Claire Danes and Obama Compared Performances