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Coco Rocha: New Social Media Manager for Sass & Bide

Photo: sass & bide

In conjunction with the launch of Sass & Bide’s e-commerce site, the Australian brand booked Coco Rocha to front its spring campaign, and take over its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts for the next week. Rocha described her social media experience to the Telegraph: “When I started my first blog years ago, I just wanted to share my perspective. For a long time, models had been these mute pretty faces — and I wanted to have a voice. Over time, I’ve grown an audience of about seven million on all my social media platforms, and I work hard to keep them interested.” She continues, “Fashion can be a very fickle lady, especially when it comes to models — fashion likes to turn on its own. In building up a large base of fans who care about me and what I’m doing, I’m hopefully ensuring that brands will continue to want to work with me into the future.” That Mortal Kombat defense stance (see video ahead, nine seconds in) she always does can’t hurt, either.

Coco in action:

Coco Rocha: Social Media Manager for Sass & Bide