Courtney Love Revives Feud With Gwen Stefani, This Time Over L.A.M.B.

Photo: Corbis

Courtney Love and Gwen Stefani are not friends. As the story goes, Love called Stefani a “cheerleader” in Seventeen, and Stefani hit back with the release of Hollaback Girl, said to be inspired by Love. Key lyrics include, “I ain’t no Hollaback Girl,” and, “This shit is bananas/B-A-N-A-N-A-S.” Not one to back down from a good fight, in April 2010, Love announced on Howard Stern’s radio show that she slept with Stefani’s husband, Gavin Rossdale, while the couple was dating. Love claims she and Rossdale were together for eight months, that “he was lovely,” they “had a really good time,” that he was also sleeping with “everyone … yeah … and a few other people,” and Stefani knew about it.

And in a new interview with ABC News, Love is at it again. A discussion of her clothing line, Never the Bride, somehow leads to Yves Saint Laurent:

[W]hich Love had chosen to wear for the first part of her show, and Gwen Stefani, who wears a Saint Laurent jacket Love covets on the January cover of Vogue.

“Funny thing, you know, I would’ve never really bet on Gwen,” she said. “Not back in the day.” Love attributed Stefani’s success — her “f**king empire” of a clothing line, L.A.M.B. — to her husband Gavin Rossdale, whom Love said she dated before he got together with Stefani.

“His band never did that well but he is very, very smart,” she said. “He runs the Gwen show, that’s him. He runs the clothing line, he f**king built that up, he has nothing else to do.”

We can picture Rossdale poring over the design team’s sketches, thinking, How much is too much houndstooth? and, Can’t L.A.M.B. be printed any larger on this purse? Like 1,000-point font-size? But we can also leave you with a better mental image. Thus spake Love: “I kind of envisioned that me and Gavin Rossdale would end up on the French Riviera, like, taking tennis lessons and f**king our respective polo teachers.”

Courtney Love Revives Feud With Gwen Stefani