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Emma Stone Will Never Wear Pajama Pants, Glitter

Emma Stone takes no credit for her fashion sense, and thought it was “hilarious” that Vogue named her “best dressed” last year. Instead of basking in the compliments like we totally would, she humbly directs them to her stylist, Petra Flannery, and her mom. “When I was a teenager and all the cool girls were wearing pajama pants at school, my mother forbid me to do that — or to let my bra straps show,” she tells British Glamour. As for Flannery, “She knows that I won’t dress like a fairy princess, wear a lot of glitter, or anything that makes me look like a Victorian doll. If I could wear those things and not look like Dakota Fanning when she was eight, maybe, but I just don’t look good in them.” And isn’t knowing what you don’t look good in half the battle of having good style?