Fug Girls: Notable, Notorious Outfits From the SAG Awards Red Carpet

Marion Cotillard, Morena Baccarin, and Helen Hunt. Photo: Getty Images

It’s easy to overlook the Screen Actors Guild Awards, sandwiched as they are between the Drunky Fun of the Golden Globes and the Serious Business of the Academy Awards. Even Ryan Seacrest skips red-carpet duty, which feels like a kiss of death. But Seacrest is missing out: The SAGs are the show where, amid the usual standard-issue pretty gowns, actresses tend to test-drive something a little unusual (Hailee Steinfeld’s Prada and Rose Byrne’s jumpsuit, to name a few). Join as we look at some of the most notable looks on a night of … well, if not a thousand stars, certainly at least forty.

Fug Girls: Notable, Notorious SAG Awards Outfits