Girls Premiere: Lena Dunham Adopts Dog, Talks Mesh Tank Tops

Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images

At last night’s season two premiere of Girls, Lena Dunham announced that she’d just adopted a dog. “He’s just twelve pounds of bliss. His name is Lambie,” she said. Wearing a strapless black jumpsuit, she denied having any personal experiences with a mesh shirt, but she could still relate to Hannah’s night out in episode three. “I was imagining that a mesh tank top would be the worst thing to be stuck out in the world wearing for an extended period of time,” she explained. “I’ve definitely had Halloweens where I was stuck in a bathing suit and rainboots and had to wear that for eight hours.”

Nearby, her Girls co-star Alex Karpovsky reminisced about all the times he’s lost his clothes during a bender, as Dunham’s character does this season. “I lose shit a lot when I drink,” he said. “My favorite lavender button-up — I lost that when my friend Todd Rohal made this film, Catechism Cataclysm, and I went to the premiere and I got wasted. I fell asleep on some cardboard outside, and I got really hot and cold, and so I took it off and I left it on the sidewalk. I went the next day to find it, and it was gone.” He’s now started taking precautions, though. “I take iPhone pictures of my clothes, so if I want to reorder them, I know how to do it. It’s very basic. I’m learning. I’m slowly growing up.”

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Girls Premiere: Dunham on New Dog, Mesh Tanks