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Important Question: What Nail Color Did Beyoncé Wear?

Photo: Win McNamee/Pool/Corbis

Nail artist Lisa Logan was in charge of Bey’s microphone-gripping manicure this morning, and “when Beyoncé walked in, she just plainly said, ‘I want orange,’” Logan shared in a press release sent to the Cut. “So orange it was!” But then the two quickly realized that there simply wasn’t enough time for the original orange-y gel polish choice, Red Carpet Manicure’s Tangerine on the Rocks, to set. Instead, as the manicurist revealed on her Twitter account, they opted for an orange-tinged crimson — with a quicker dry time — called I’m With the Band, by NCLA. The same tangy color can also be achieved with L’Oréal’s Boozy Brunch, which is a bit more clementine. Zoom in to admire B’s punchy polish choice for the National Anthem.

Important: What Nail Color Did Beyoncé Wear?