Ke$ha Dresses Like Wonder Woman at a Business Meeting

Photo: Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

Yesterday at the 2013 RIAA Presidential Inaugural Charity Benefit held in D.C., the “Die Young” pop star arrived at the 9:30 Club dressed in what one might imagine Wonder Woman would wear to a business meeting. She chose a bright red pantsuit emblazoned with royal blue sequin stars, wore matching blue heels topped with equally sparkly Hey Lady Shoes “Little Pearl Bow” shoe clips, and finished off her look by strapping a bedazzled white Justine M Couture sash around her hair like a tiara. On her face, she wore glittery turquoise eyeliner and a bold red lip — and applied yet another blue star just under her left eye. As a bonus, she stitched an all-American surprise to the back of her jacket: the word “U$A,” dripping in beads.

Ke$ha Dresses Like Wonder Woman at a Biz Meeting