Let’s Get Weird: Twenty Statement-Making New Pieces


Lately, we’ve been hearing the phrase “Let’s Get Weird” with such regularity that we’re surprised it doesn’t automatically come hashtagged, like #YOLO. Apparently it means anything along the lines of “let’s get super drunk and have one of those nights that SNL’s Stefon describes” or “want to hook up?” But what if we decided to take this literally? My friend is constantly texted by this guy who asks her to “get weird” when he means “have sex,” and I can’t help but picture her showing up to this booty call in a gigantic Comme des Garçons coat with a Fleet Ilya fox mask on her face and marabou (marabou) antenna on her head. Maybe she’d have on an iridescent backpack, and she’d definitely have to wear something with a cat on it.
He’d be like, “What the hell?”
And she’d be all, “You said ‘let’s get weird.’”
So what do you say? Let’s all get weird with twenty pieces you actually might want to wear — booty text notwithstanding.

Let’s Get Weird: 20 Statement-Making New Pieces