Mantyhose Is Supposedly ‘Thriving’ in Europe

Note the absence of fly.
Note the absence of fly. Photo: Emilio Cavallini

In one of those heartwarming, mutually back-scratching articles where both interviewee and interviewer get to congratulate themselves, WWD reports today that they played a strong role in the recent success of mantyhose manufacturer Emilio Cavallini. (Men’s tights can also be referred to as “guylons” or “brosiery,” knee slap.) Partially thanks to a hilarious article WWD wrote about the company’s mantyhose offerings last year, Emilio Cavallini enjoyed a major boost in demand for their men’s hosiery, which rose from one percent to 30 percent of the company’s online sales in 2012.

Lisa Cavallini, daughter of the brand’s founder, tells WWD that their male demographic is mostly European:

It’s definitely become a trend for men in Europe. It’s fun for them to wear, and you can see the color and patterns standing out [from] their shoes … They wear the tights with shorts, under jeans that have holes, under pants to stay warm in colder climates, or just to lounge around.

Yes, under shorts. What’s more, sales are starting to grow in the U.S., which of course means that they have to make bigger sizes for us fatties:

The interest is also growing in the U.S. market, and we’ve had so many requests for mantyhose that we’ve added an extra-large size for men who are 6 feet tall and weigh up to 198 pounds.

In order to make the tights more comfortable for men, Cavallini says they offer more flexible waistbands and extra sweat-wicking capabilities. While there’s no opening in the fly area, it doesn’t seem to be a problem: “Nobody is complaining about that,” said Cavallini. Allow us to be the first, then! How is anyone going to be able to write the inevitable “I Tried Sex in Mantyhose” story?

Mantyhose Is Supposedly ‘Thriving’ in Europe