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Michelle Obama Could Be Shooting a Vogue Cover Right This Minute

Photo: Vogue

After all that ambassador talk went nowhere, the least the Obamas could do is toss Anna Wintour a nice Vogue cover and some lovely spreads of the White House. (There’s a chance that’s all Anna really wanted, anyway.) The Washingtonian reports that a team from Vogue was seen “moving cameras into the residence” early this morning for a photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz, who shot Michelle’s last cover for the March 2009 issue. Also of note: The President’s schedule is apparently open today, so he may pose in a few shots himself.

The Washingtonian speculates that this cover would be for the March issue, but reps from Vogue won’t comment. This runs counter to previous rumors that Beyoncé will cover the March issue, typically the magazine’s second-largest of the year (after September). Alternatively, either woman could cover the April “Shape” issue. This could make sense for Michelle, given her efforts to promote healthy eating and exercise, as well as Beyoncé, since no one ever tires of hearing about her post-baby body (although she did cover the “Shape” issue four years ago, in 2009). Since the Beyoncé rumors preceded the Michelle ones, it makes sense that her cover would come first. We’ll find out soon enough.

MObama Could Be Shooting a Vogue Cover Right Now