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Modeling Agency Suing Constance Jablonski for $3.3 Million

Photo: Richie Buxo/Corbis

Marilyn Model Agency has filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court after Constance Jablonski decamped to DNA Model Management last month, the Post reports. Jablonski — who worked for Givenchy, Dior, and Victoria’s Secret and is the face of Estée Lauder — signed with Marilyn through September 2014. And according to her lawyer, Bennet Krasner, she enjoyed it at the beginning, but “all of the people she worked with closely have left. She loves her new agency. It’s very supportive.” Krasner added that Marilyn didn’t have Jablonski’s best interests in mind and that she wasn’t paid on several occasions. Meanwhile, in its suit, Marilyn alleges that “DNA’s wrongful conduct is for the purpose of destabilizing [its] business, and causing irreparable damage to its image (and) reputation,” writes the Daily News.

Modeling Agency Suing Jablonski for $3.3M