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Mystery Gifts in Well-Designed Boxes to Make Periods Less Miserable

With all the monthly subscription start-ups out there—Birchbox, GlossyBox, Umba Box, Fancy Box, Bark Box—it’s almost surprising no one’s come up with this one yet: Period box. (Box box?) The discreetly named Le Parcel aspires to eliminate the “awkward stares at the checkout line” (that you haven’t experienced since your fourteenth birthday) by delivering tampons right to your door. Tell Le Parcel your period’s ETA and your product of choice and, for $15, they’ll send you a supply kit that includes chocolate and a mystery gift each month. “Nature’s gift stinks so we’ll give you a better one,” the website promises. It’s frivolous, but I’m not one to underestimate the healing power of a well-timed present. Plus, TechCrunch loves it! Who says Silicon Valley is sexist? And what is it with menstruation-based start-ups and stop-motion videos?

Mystery Gifts to Make Periods Less Miserable