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Nicolas Ghesquière’s First-Ever Tweet: An Analysis

Ghesquiere's first tweet.
Ghesquiere’s first tweet. Photo: @TWNGhesquiere/Twitter

Hilary Moss: Did you see Ghesquière’s special tweet?
Charlotte Cowles:  OOH.
Charlotte Cowles: Wait. What is that?
Hilary Moss: I think it’s like, a trekkie head. Or Star Wars?
Charlotte Cowles: Oh! It’s the helmet that the bad guys wear in Star Wars.
Hilary Moss: Yeah. 
Charlotte Cowles: They appear to be surprisingly affordable.
Hilary Moss: Good to know.
Charlotte Cowles: What’s unclear is whether “Thank you to all of you for such a fantastic welcome!” is referring to his Twitter followers, or if the helmet was a welcome gift that he’s grateful for.
Hilary Moss: Mysteries. 

Nicolas Ghesquière’s First Tweet: An Analysis