Nine Fixes for Getting Out of a Wardrobe Rut


Whether gym-related or closet-related, resolutions can be daunting especially when they’re like “I will totally run a half-marathon this year.” And we’ve practically already forgotten most of the resolutions we made a few weeks ago. But just like fitness experts recommend making small lifestyle changes over time to see bigger results, the same is true of your wardrobe. Rather than overhauling it in its entirety (financially impossible for most people), try adding something simple like a pair of giant earrings or a quirky sweatshirt into the mix. Or swap out denim in favor of ladylike skirts or cropped trousers. Rather than strict rules, think of these as motivations to step out of your comfort zone. Click ahead to see nine quick ways to change up your look in 2013, or as we like to call them: strategies for easier mornings.