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PPR Continuing to Work on Christopher Kane’s Consolation Prize

Photo: Rune Hellestad/Corbis

After Le Nouvel Observateur declared Kane in at Balenciaga, leading to a weekend of awkwardly worded denials (“Rumors surrounding Christopher Kane’s appointment as creative director of Balenciaga are unfounded”), Kane leaving his post at Versus, and Alexander Wang ultimately becoming the Boy King, PPR was supposedly talking to Kane about backing his eponymous label. Probably so he wouldn’t feel bad, and stuff. Now, according to WWD, the two are getting closer to making a deal: “According to market sources, Alexis Babeau, managing director of PPR’s luxury division, recently interviewed potential candidates to become chief executive of the designer firm, which is controlled by Kane and his sister and business partner, Tammy.” Let Tammy do it; she sounds great based on her first name alone.

PPR Working on Kane’s Consolation Prize