The Sharp, Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Photo: Stuart Tyson

Like many “holidays” that sound more fun than they often are, (Halloween, New Year’s Eve), Valentine’s Day can be an annoying collision of expectations and realities. It can also be a good excuse to give and receive something sexy from someone you like/love/want to sleep with. To battle some of the angst that comes with choosing the right gift, we’ve gathered twenty beautiful, naughty, indulgent things you will want no matter what your romantic status happens to be: studded Valentino gloves, artisanal honey, an uninhibited boudoir “bible,” and the five perfect shades of Chanel pink lipstick, just for starters. Whether you want to be loved or spoiled, send the gallery to your paramours to help them avoid the default of useless bouquets, waxy chocolates, or lingerie you don’t really want to wear more than once, anyway. Click ahead, and while you’re at it, grab something for yourself, too.