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Venezuela: Missoni Wasn’t Kidnapped

Photo: Nick Zonna/Corbis

As the search continues near Los Roques, Venezuela, for the plane carrying Vittorio Missoni that disappeared last Friday, the country’s Interior Ministry said “the government is not working with the possibility of a kidnapping, although the area where the plane carrying Missoni and three others went missing in a region known for drug smuggling,” WWD writes. The possibility of abduction gathered momentum yesterday when it was reported that the son of Guido Foresti (one of the other passengers) received a text message from his father on Sunday night reading, “Call now, we are reachable.”

According to the AP, Italy is sending a specialized Civil Protection team — comprising “a naval expert, two fire department search-and-rescue experts and a member of Italy’s national flight safety agency” — to Venezuela tomorrow to help the nearly 400 people hard at work, and Vittorio’s brother, Luca Missoni, who’s a pilot.

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Venezuela: Missoni Wasn’t Kidnapped