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Wyoming Republican Legislator Testifies About Her Abortion

Photo: State of Wyoming

A bill that would have banned abortions in Wyoming after as little as five weeks of pregnancy was struck down in a legislative committee meeting Monday, thanks, in part, to testimony from our new favorite Wyoming state representative, Republican Sue Wallis. The proposed bill banned abortions after the fetus had a detectable heartbeat, a vague but extremely restrictive guideline — the current limit for terminating is nineteen weeks — which was recently dropped in Ohio. According to the AP, Wallis told the committee that she chose to have an abortion when a difficult pregnancy in the middle of a divorce from her abusive husband could have cost her custody of her three existing children. “The notion that protected human life begins at the moment of conception is some religious sects’ interpretation, certainly not mine,” she said. Wallis added that no other person, including a spouse, has the right to dictate what a woman does with her body — “that is a fundamental tenant of freedom.” In case that’s not enough to melt your cold, partisan heart, please be advised that her State of Wyoming Legislature bio adds that she is a Unitarian “rancher/writer-poet” (!) and mother of seven. And don’t bother calling the listed number. We just did; her voice mailbox is full.

Wyoming Republican Testifies About Her Abortion