Ten Years of Front-Row Celebrities at Marc Jacobs

Photo: Getty Images

In the past decade, Marc Jacobs shows have become giant celebrity magnets, drawing in the most noteworthy, most gossiped-about actors, socialites, and other Us Weekly fodder right when these people are reaching their personal peaks. Sure, Sofia Coppola and Lil’ Kim have became perennial guests throughout the aughts, but most other noneditor spots go to the “It” boys and girls of any given season, making for a fun time capsule in seat-chart form.

We gathered 49 of our favorite photos from the past ten years (that’s twenty seasons!) to prove our point. Click through the slideshow to come face-to-face with Sean Combs in his “P. Diddy” days, a camisole-clad Paris Hilton when “That’s hot” was tossed around, and LC Conrad and Audrina Partridge, the reality starlets from The Hills. There’s even photos of vintage Bey and Jay-Z before they were Mr. and Mrs. Knowles-Carter, and a preBlack Swan Natalie Portman looking young and sweet in a comfy pair of Chucks. Which celebrities will mark their flag this Valentine’s evening sitting front row at Marc Jacobs? We’ll know soon enough.

10 Years of Front-Row Celebrities at Marc Jacobs