Pare Down Your Jewelry With a Single Sculptural Statement Cuff


For the last few years, everyone was stacking every bracelet, bangle, and cuff they owned into massive jumbles of metal on their wrists. While a good armful of jewelry is eye-catching, it’s also distracting when you’re trying to do things like wear a sweater or type on a keyboard. Plus, come the hazy and hot days of summer, it starts to get sticky and hot under all of those layers. Rather than piling it on, there’s something to be said about the simplicity of a single, sculptural cuff. Take Made’s swirled hammered gold cuff: It would be the ideal accent to a long maxi dress worn while strolling beachside. Or if you prefer something more minimalist, Anndra Neen’s sleek cut-out cuff would look chic peeking out of a crisp white blouse. And if your wrists feel too bare and you require more of a statement, Pierre Hardy offers up a Cubist take on the style, with a rose-gold cube pattern that almost appears three-dimensional. Click ahead to see fifteen ways to pare down your accessories this spring.

15 Sculptural Statement Cuffs for Spring