Thirty-four Reasons to Actually Get Excited About Fashion Week


The fashion universe loves to complain about what a slog New York Fashion Week can be. It’s boring! The weather is unpredictable! The venues are spread all over the city! It’s impossible to get a cab, to get off from work, to get excited about any of the parties, or to appreciate the clothes as much as we might in Milan or London or Paris!

Hold up. As we prepare for the festivities to kick off (right here, on the Cut, starting this Thursday), let’s all take a moment, brace for the coming storm, and just appreciate. Whether it’s a secret spa routine, an annual dinner tradition (at McDonald’s?), a plush hotel room, or even a chance to sit next to someone fun and crazy in the front row, NYFW throws us all into a tailspin that’s worth enjoying if only because it breaks up our city routines. To celebrate this, we asked fashion’s most expert experts — designers, editors, bloggers, models, photographers, and more — to get happy for a moment. Herewith, the results. Let us know your own in the comments below.

34 Reasons to Actually Get Excited About NYFW