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Is André Leon Talley Becoming the Male Tyra Banks?

Photo: Martin Roe/Corbis

WWD writes André Leon Talley signed with Electus studio (the production company behind Mob Wives, Fashion Star, and Teen Wolf) to create a late-night talk show, with Talley acting as executive producer. For now, there are few details about the program — it will likely be on cable and WWD calls it a “potential chat-fest,” so nothing’s set in stone — but Talley says he wants a program “that blends Dick Cavett’s approach to eloquence and sophistication with unparalleled access into my international fashion lifestyle. A forum where unique stories will be told and inspirations shared.”

But at the end of the article, things take a turn for the Tyra Banks worst. WWD notes, “Talley will continue to contribute to Vogue and explore other special projects within Condé Nast,” and he agreed to be editor-at-large of the forthcoming Numéro Russia. A talk show, an old job, “special projects,” a new job — this is the exact template Tyra refers to every five weeks. Both developed their own vocabulary, though no one knows what Tyra is talking about at this point and dreckitude (a Talley-ism) belongs in a Shakespearean sonnet. And who can say for sure what amounts of brainwashing went on backstage at ANTM? We just don’t want to see Talley spread himself too thin, or lose him to the Teen Wolf enthusiasts, the treasure that he is. We would, however, tune into his show, even put in an appearance and share our inspirations — if there are guest robes.

Is André Leon Talley Becoming the Male Tyra?