André Leon Talley Might Be Done With Vogue

Photo: Ray Tamarra/2011 Ray Tamarra

Emphasis on the might. Page Six claims that André Leon Talley’s talk show development deal has resulted in the end of his three-decade relationship with Vogue. Though he has appeared regularly on TV before — most notably on America’s Next Top Model — the paper says that the idea of Talley as a late-night host just “doesn’t jibe” with the magazine’s “high-end” image. (As Fashionista notes, the 2010 start of Talley’s ANTM judgeship coincided with his masthead downgrade from editor-at-large to contributing editor. )”The powers that be aren’t huge fans of his television aspirations, and they want to sever all ties now,” said a source. The breakup — if it’s happening — could also be less hostile than it seems. After all, Talley also recently agreed to serve as the editor-at-large of the forthcoming Numéro Russia, and he’ll need to be in Moscow to work on it. Maybe everyone realized that he simply no longer has the time or energy required of a Vogue soldier? Or maybe nothing is happening. Talley’s representative responded to the story with this statement: “Andre is absolutely maintaining his relationship as a contributor … [He] has a number of projects in the works with Vogue and Condé Nast, and maintains a warm relationship with both.”