Beautygram: Army-Green Nails at Prabal Gurung

Photo: Photos by Christina Han

For his fall collection, Prabal Gurung was inspired by an all-female Ukrainian army unit, and the troops he re-created on the runway looked about ready to scratch our eyes out. Models’ manicures featured the “not too masculine, not too feminine” shades of Gurung’s new collaboration with Sally Hansen. including a navy (Night Watch), olive (Loden Green), and gold (Coat of Arms). “Prabal wanted to show the strength of these women,” explained lead manicurist Jin Soon Choi. “So we chose Loden Green to symbolize that, but to keep it feminine we also are layering it over the gold.” When the collaboration comes out in September, use one coat of Coat of Arms and two coats — painted in a V-shape — of the olive-green shade to replicate the look. Then get fierce with your bad self.