Best Bet: Hario’s TCA-3 Siphon-Vacuum Coffeemaker

Photo: Victor Prado/New York Magazine

For everyday caffeine fiends, there are K-Cups. For the true coffee enthusiast, there’s Hario’s TCA-3 siphon-vacuum coffeemaker ($160 at Blue Bottle, 450 W. 15th St., nr. Tenth Ave.; 510-653-3394), a lablike contraption ideal for the home brewer who has already mastered the pour-over method. Like a Chemex, a siphon takes time. To make a single cup, users must boil water in the globular base, attach a cloth-filtered tumbler on top, and, as the gurgling water rises, stir the grounds manually with a bamboo wand. When the liquid cools, it trickles back into the globe, coaxing out the full flavor of the beans. What results is the most deeply nuanced, no-cream-or-sugar-necessary coffee you’re likely to drink outside, well, Blue Bottle’s own back-room siphon bar. [NYM]

Best Bet: Siphon-Vacuum Coffeemaker