The 16 Most Un-Diva Moments of Beyoncé’s Documentary

Beyonce, makeup-free. Photo: Parkwood Entertainment

Beyoncé’s HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream, has been touted as an honest look at the reality behind her high-gloss, have-it-all exterior. Many of the shots are makeup-free selfies, recorded on her own computer at home or in hotel rooms. But the problem with this warts-and-all portrayal is that Beyonce has no warts. It’s like one of those “Stars Without Makeup” photo shoots in which the woman still looks better barefaced than any of us could ever hope to after hours of primping. The takeaway? By allowing us to see how flawless she is at her “worst,” most un-diva moments, Beyonce convinces us that she’s even more superhuman than we thought to begin with. Click through our slideshow of said highlights from tonight’s documentary.

16 Most Un-Diva Moments of Beyoncé’s Documentary