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Big Brother Knows You’re Googling ‘Michael Kors Handbags’

Photo: Ouzounova/Corbis

In a recent report, Digital Luxury Group, the first international company to provide industry market intelligence for luxury brands (according to its website), determined Michael Kors is the most-searched-for American brand online. WWD writes that for the first half of 2012, “Kors captured 19.6 percent of the more than 31 million Internet searches covering 35 U.S. fashion brands in 10 global markets (Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, U.K. and U.S.),” based on data collected from Google, Bing, China’s Baidu, and Russia’s Yandex. And a bulk of search-engine users were looking for MK handbags or wallets. David Sadigh, founder and CEO of Digital Luxury Group, did mention the data was culled following Kors’s IPO “and the brand was booming like crazy.” Anyway, we’re going to spend the rest of the day repeatedly Googling “Old Navy 2.55” to shake things up.

Big Brother Knows You’re Googling ‘Michael Kors’