The Cut’s ‘Local Dress Code’ Contest

As much as we love it, Fashion Week and its surreal environs highlight clothes that may not be as practical as they are pretty. The countless glamorous, ethereal, and delightfully eccentric outfits are eye candy, sure, but the endless parade of the fantastic doesn’t often come close to what many choose from our own closets.

Here’s where you come in, Cut readers: Show us what stylish people in your world look like by submitting your own best look for our Local Dress Code photo contest. Snap a photo of yourself wearing trends that are unique to your town, your personal style, or both. Clothes, shoes, makeup, hair, nails, accessories — it’s all fair game.

Up for grabs are:

•  $1,000 each for three winners
•  A post on the Cut featuring you and your co-winners
•  Regional bragging rights

Submit your photo to us February 13–19 on Facebook. We’ll announce our three finalists (as selected by our editors) for each region — Midwest, Northeast, South, and West — on February 25. Our Facebook fans will then vote for the region they find most stylish; the finalists in the winning region will each receive $1,000 and be featured together in a post on the Cut.

Click here to enter the contest! Official rules are here.

The Cut’s ‘Local Dress Code’ Contest