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Daily Mail Captivated by Pippa Middleton’s Poor Boyfriend

Photo: Nick Harvey/Getty Images

Over the weekend, the Daily Mail reported Pippa Middleton is dating 35-year-old stockbroker Nico Jackson, “a man who does not own a grand country estate or have an impeccable pedigree,” grew up in “a £200,000 mock Georgian townhouse in Folkestone, Kent,” and went to a moderately fancy grammar school. And today, the newspaper provides us with more details about the commoner! Unlike Pippa’s former “suitors from the upper echelons of society,” Jackson is from “an ordinary middle-class background.” His father, a retailer, owns a sportswear shop, and Nico has one sister who is not a duchess. Despite all of this, Nico’s parents were allowed to make Pippa’s acquaintance. “I have to say she is absolutely charming, but I really cannot say any more. We’re all just very pleased,” Mrs. Jackson told the Mail, who added she was “speaking from the family’s modest … home.”

Daily Mail Captivated by P-Mid’s Poor Boyfriend