This Dog Beauty Pageant Was the Best Fashion Weekend Show

Photo: Amy Lombard

On Saturday night, while fashion people were all worrying about which Fashion Week party to go to, a different style-obsessed crew was at the New Yorker Hotel. There, at the first annual NYC Doggies & Tiaras Pageant, cake-faced humans flaunted their long-suffering dogs in three categories: activewear, talent, and glamour. What’s glamorous about a confused Chihuahua with a lolling tongue? We didn’t know either until we saw Aspen, a feisty little diva in a Shirley Temple wig and bedazzled tiara. Other pups rode plastic horses in sexy cowgirl costumes, Roombas in French maid costumes, and each others’ butts in nothing at all. Click through to see a real fashion show.

Dog Beauty Pageant? Best Fashion Weekend Show