Fug Girls: CW Stars Descend on Alice + Olivia

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

It always takes a while for new celebrities to realize that when they are in public at, say, a fashion show packed with nosy reporters, the walls have ears. So many ears that it’s probably not the best place to tell every story in your repertoire — and certainly not the one about your audition for Django Unchained (ahem, Nichole Galicia) that involved kissing Leo DiCaprio, and which made your companion scream, “SHUT UP.” Don’t get us wrong — the more celebrities want to talk about making out with other celebs, the easier our job is. Our only note, really, is that you need to speak up, because these rooms are loud and we need to make sure we hear every detail. Galicia looked lovely at the Alice + Olivia presentation on Monday night, and now that we know she’s prone to the dish, we are pretty sure we want to hang out with her.

It also feels like we’ve been hanging out with Maggie Grace all day. She popped up everywhere from Carolina Herrera onward, and was the first celeb on Alice + Olivia’s step and repeat, wearing a fuzzy beret, an inappropriately youthful dress (we thought she was Chloë Moretz for a hot second), and very, very high heels. We’re not the only ones who’ve noticed her ubiquity: When asked who she was, one of the photographers heaved a huge sigh and said, “That same girl that turns up at every red carpet.” We don’t know if he meant that in a global way — as a meta-statement on the fact that all tall blonde actresses look the same — or if he and Maggie are really on the exact same circuit lately and they are out of small talk.

At long last, and past the halfway point of Fashion Week, we finally got a quorum of Carrie Diaries cast members: Chloe Bridges, Ellen Wong, and AnnaSophia Robb all popped up within moments of each other. The young Carrie Bradshaw made her entrance last, of course, rocking her real hair rather than the curly Carrie wig we’re used to seeing on her. Random fans freaked out almost as if it were Carrie Bradshaw 1.0 herself, climbing onto the photographer’s riser to snap photos of Robb as if they were paparazzi themselves. Admirably unfazed, Robb joined her castmates and the trio proceeded to spend the rest of the evening huddled together, taking iPhone pictures of each other and eating cake pops. Basically, they acted like the platonic ideal of co-stars on a CW show, and/or a slumber party.

Vanessa Hudgens whipped the crowd into an almost equal frenzy — apparently, the kids today still love their High School Musical (or maybe were hoping all the Carrie Diaries ladies meant Vanessa’s boyfriend, their co-star Austin Butler, would suddenly appear and stare into their souls). Hudgens’s hair looked extremely cute in a Liz Lemon–ish mid-length bob, and she wore a skirt nearly identical to Anna Chlumsky’s (who showed up with a refreshing minimum of fanfare), but rest assured: There was no cat-fighting, perhaps because everyone in the venue had been kept calm by the constant stream of sugar and booze provided by the passed champers and macarons.

While the CW starlets and former child stars showed up early to take advantage of the free sugar high, there was also a late shift. Katherine McPhee arrived at nearly the exact moment the event ended, appearing to be barefaced but still looking painfully beautiful. Victoria Justice posed with a leggings-and-mullet-sporting Johnny Weir (an association which, we must confess, makes her more interesting than we thought she was). And Parenthood’s Sarah Ramos appeared abjectly miserable, perhaps because she is still unsure as to whether she has a job come fall. No one, though, looked more miserable than Cory Kennedy, who stumbled in very late and seemed extremely out of it. Get a grip, hon. We’ve still got three days of Fashion Week left.