Fug Girls: Molly Sims on Losing Baby Weight

Photo: Neil Rasmus/BFAnyc.com/BFA NYC

It was raining steadily when we arrived for Carolina Herrera on Monday, but that was nothing compared with the fluids that derailed front row attendee Molly Sims’s morning. “My hairdresser was vomiting this morning, so I had to do it myself,” we overheard her say, gesturing at her simple ponytail. “But then I had to do a ponytail anyway because it’s raining, so it worked out.” (Not so much for her poor puking hairdresser, perhaps.) Sims also noted that she’d been up since 6 a.m. with her baby, and that it’s been interesting juggling motherhood with her more glam side. “One time I went to kiss him and he spit up on my entire face,” she said. “I was like, ‘Yep, THIS is pretty.’” Ah, but surely somewhere there is some obscure designer toiling away, just waiting for the muse who will help make Barf Face into a thing.  Remain patient, Molly Sims.

Sims also touched on going public about her post-pregnancy weight struggles: “I was really healthy for my whole pregnancy and I still gained a ton of weight. And people are so hard on you if you don’t lose it in one or two months, like there’s something wrong with you,” she said. Her issues turned out to be tied to her thyroid, but she said it’s still been brutal to get off the last ten pounds — which is basically the opposite message of every magazine spread that shows celebrities back to their pre-baby weight in six weeks, most of which imply that you can lose 50 pounds just by following your kid around the living room. “Listen, I’m jealous, those women are so lucky, ” Sims said of the media pressure that prompted her to speak out. “But they say nine months on, nine months off, and that is way more realistic.”It is worth noting that Molly Sims, whether she’s at her goal weight or not, looks like a total glamazon, but you do have to give her credit for her honesty – in issues of weight loss, and of Barf Hair.

On the other side of the runway, Herrera regular Graydon Carter sat with bestie Fran Leibowitz. “No, it actually makes money on circulation,” he was telling her when they got interrupted for a picture. “Big smile in this one, Fran,” the photographed prompted, holding up his camera for a second shot. “I was smiling,” Fran deadpanned, her expression unchanged. Hey, no one smiles when they’re interrupted in the midst of getting some good publishing scoop.

Also spotted was The Following’s Maggie Grace — as tall and flaxen-haired as Sims, with whom she arrived  and the one non-blonde celebrity in attendance, cover girl/actress Paz Vega, looking gorgeous in a slim, red day dress. “Who is that?” we overheard one photog ask his comrade, after snapping multiple shots. “An actress, I think,” the other man shrugged, “but even if she isn’t an actress, she’s good enough to take pictures of.” Ah, the Fashion Week goal of every girl aimlessly wandering in front of the Lincoln Center fountain waiting for someone to notice her weather-inappropriate outfit, achieved at last. Cross that one off your list, Vega.

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